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The sign-up process only takes a few minutes. Start by finding your shop using the search field below.

Free and Easy to Join

Our business model benefits neighborhood shops first. There are no onboarding, service, or monthly subscription fees.

90%of revenue is deposited into your bank account, for orders from your shop that are placed on the app.

10%of revenue for orders placed on the app goes to Shop the Blok, to cover:
  • Credit card fees
  • Marketing your shop & products
  • Keeping your inventory up-to-date
  • Customer communications
  • And more...

We know big-ticket items are crucial for your revenue. For items with a price tag greater than $1,000, our commission drops to 6% after the first $1,000.

Here’s how it works.

Easy to join and set-up is quick. Each transaction starts on the app, and ends in the shop. Plus, our business model puts neighborhood shops first.


Connect your POS system.

In as little as 3 minutes we’ll have your inventory on the app. We’ll make your page and walk you through test orders.


Order placed!

Shoppers search for products by proximity or shop and place orders through the app.


Prepare the order for pickup.

Once the order is ready, the app will notify the shopper to head to your shop.

People want to shop with you.

But often, it’s difficult for them to search your inventory. We unite neighborhood shops on a single platform, so you gain visibility and grow your customer base. Consumers get to buy on the app and pick up in-store, a format that continues to grow in popularity.


of consumers would rather support a local business than a large corporation


make another purchase when picking up an online order


have bought online and picked up in-store


would spend more money to support a local business

“Local Business Consumer Sentiment Study.” Red Egg Marketing, 30 Sept. 2021. “State of BOPIS.” Raydiant, 2022.

Your shop on our app.

A digital storefront for your shop.

On Shop the Blok, there’s a page dedicated to every shop, where we tell your story, display your products, and provide your shop’s information.

We connect directly your POS system to provide a live feed of inventory data for customers and a seamless experience for you. Our Shopkeeper App guides you through each order from start to finish.

Example of a shop on our app
Example of the shopkeeper interface

We’re live in and around Kingston, NY right now, and we’ll be adding new locations over the next few months.

Questions about Shop the Blok? Head to our FAQs page or email us directly at


What kinds of shops are on the app?

We welcome all kinds of retailers on Shop the Blok, from mom-and-pop to shops with multiple locations, from long-standing local favorites to retailers just starting out. The more shops that join, the greater impact Shop the Blok can have on each local economy and community. Check out some of the shops on the app below.

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