People on a busy shopping street, captioned with 'Convenience Killed This'

We go through a lot of inconvenience to shop conveniently. You click. They pack. They send. It travels. They deliver. Maybe it’s on time. Maybe it’s not. You open a box, a bag, and there it is — that thing you wanted. It works? You keep it. It doesn’t? You click. You pack. You send. It travels. All that for a pair of socks and more empty storefronts lining Main Street. Remember the old way to shop? When it brought us together. When shopping was an experience.

A Note From the Founder

I founded Shop the Blok because I wanted to give consumers another option – a way to shop with local businesses, with all the ease and convenience of online shopping. All too often, I found myself in search of an item, but unsure of whether stores in my area would carry what I needed. I knew there had to be some way to harness the inventory of all these local businesses, and make it easier for consumers to browse and buy. So Shop the Blok was born.

Cecilia (Masiello) Danilack
Founder & CEO

On the app, you can browse local shops by item and purchase from multiple shops at once with one convenient checkout. Once you've made a purchase, pickup is as simple as a visit to the store.

The shops of Kingston, NY are leading the way as our first Shop the Blok market. Soon, they’ll be joined by shops in cities around the country.

Here's to bringing shopping back to the neighborhood!


How It Works

Orders start on the Shop the Blok app, and end with in-store pickup.


Customer searches for a product, and compares prices, shops, and proximity.


Customer places an order through the Shop the Blok app for a product at the shop.


Shop receives an order notification through the Shopkeeper app.


Shop team picks out order items and sets them aside.


Shop the Blok app notifies the customer that their order is ready for pickup.


Customer visits the shop and collects their order.

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Check out our FAQ page or email us at hello@shoptheblok.com

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