Map of Kingston
Map of Kingston
Live in Kingston, NY.

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Shop the Blok brings local shops and their available products into one seamless app experience.

All products can be purchased through the app for in-store pickup, making it easier than ever to shop locally.



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Conveniently search for items you need across local shops.



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Purchase items directly through the app with our quick and easy checkout.



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wine opener
for last-minute needs.
I need a wine opener ASAP!
tire's flat
for life's emergencies.
My tire's flat and I want to ride now.
deck of cards
for fun on the fly.
I need a deck of cards for family game night.
Moby Dick
for supporting local shops.
Can I buy Moby Dick locally?
for can’t-find-anywhere-else gifts.
Where can I find clogs nearby?
6-Cup Chemex
for never wasting a trip.
Is a 6-Cup Chemex in stock at bluecashew?
for shopkeeper-curated quality.
I need cutlery that's made to last.

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